Venue Security
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Topcova Entertainment and Ticketing

The key to good customer relations and good security is the same - know who your customer is.

If you don’t know who they are, how do you know what you are dealing with?

If you know who your customer is, you know whether they are good for your business and in turn you can make your business good for them.  

TOPCOVA provides a fast and effective method of controlling the sale and resale of tickets to genuine fans.

Concerts                        Festivals Sporting events

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Nightgate The future of late night security. Enhanced security and customer experience fully integrated for Bars, Nightclubs and Private Members Clubs

Nightclubs             Bars Private members clubs

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Trade Events and Exhibitions

The all important data for a trade event is the footfall and offering the best possible service to your visitors and traders.

Streamlined organisation and protection covering all assets and facets of complex events.

Conferences                Exhibitions             Trade shows

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HOTEL CONCIERGE A bespoke concierge service. Protect and serve your valued customers like never before with a cutting edge service. Enquire here.


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Offices and Campus

Topcova Office. Safeguarding organizations both internally and externally, Topcova Office Systems is designed to defend against breaches and streamline businesses to their full potential.

Corporate offices          Shared offices         Building sites