Keeping pace with emerging technologies and absorbing new biometric and anti-fraud systems keeps TOPCOVA at the cutting edge of security.



An event organiser can with ease, identify each and every attendee in advance. They can employ a second line of defence at the entry point by scanning the identities of the attendees as they enter the venue. By use of this dual check process, the threat to events from a potential attack is severely curtailed.

TOPCOVA Identifies the attempted large-scale purchase of tickets for unauthorised resale. Person to person transfer can be authorised but in identifying both parties will consolidate the security regime for the venue and validate the origin of the ticket being resold.

The key element to TOPCOVA is in creating a biometric passport which is infinitely more difficult to falsify than conventional forms of identification. In addition to reducing the risk of physical attack using these biometrics, TOPCOVA also provides a secondary mitigation against the unauthorised on-selling of tickets via Touts and by the sale of counterfeit tickets.


Under current sales practices, most attendees at events remain totally anonymous to the organisers with a small percentage having identified themselves at the point of purchase. Whilst some outlets restrict the number of tickets that can be purchased by an individual, those purchasers are NOT required to register each ticket holder.  This provides an ideal opportunity for the purchase of multiple tickets and the potential for ‘anonymous’ users to gain access to events without risk of identification, in summary, multiple tickets can be held by purchasers, rather than named individuals.